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La Rose Pauillac Vertical Wine Tasting

La Rose Pauillac Vertical Wine Tasting

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🍷🌿 Vertical Wine Tasting Event: La Rose Pauillac 🌿🍷

Join us for an exquisite journey through time as we explore the exceptional vintages of La Rose Pauillac, a Bordeaux gem. 

What’s a Vertical Tasting?

A vertical tasting is like a captivating story told through wine. We’ll delve into three remarkable years: 2013, 2014, and 2018. Each bottle reveals a unique chapter in La Rose Pauillac’s history.

The Wines:

  1. 2013 La Rose Pauillac:

    • A vintage that whispers secrets of sun-kissed vineyards and elegant tannins.
    • Notes of blackberries, cedar, and a touch of leather.
    • Perfectly aged, ready to enchant your palate.
  2. 2014 La Rose Pauillac:

    • A harmonious blend of dark fruits, violets, and a hint of spice.
    • Silky tannins that dance on the tongue.
    • A wine that embodies grace and depth.
  3. 2018 La Rose Pauillac:

    • A masterpiece! Rich cassis, juicy black cherries, and a floral bouquet.
    • Subtle tobacco and violet undertones.
    • Cellar-worthy, destined for greatness.

Unwind, Indulge, and Raise Your Glass!

🥂 Cheers to La Rose Pauillac! 🥂

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