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2018 Alphonse Mellot Generation XIX Sancerre

2018 Alphonse Mellot Generation XIX Sancerre

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The colour is a beautiful pale yellow gold, with light green higlights. Completely fresh and mature, the nose gives honey and lemon notes, with a touch of menthol and acacia, followed by scents of dried fruit, St George’s mushroom and almost iodine. On aeration, the bouquet develops into beeswax, gingerbread and lemon notes. Full and fresh, the palate is bold from the attack, then unveiling toasted hazelnut notes. The finish, rich and complex, gives an iodised touch with a subtle organic bitterness (muscat grape, boxwood).

Food and wine pairings
This wine goes perfectly with shellfish (oysters, mussels, clams, langoustines), fish (Loire pike with salt crust, monkfish with pink garlic), but also with any fresh or blue goat’s cheese, and desserts (apricot tart).

Year: 2018
Origin: France
Varietal: Sancerre - White

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