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#182 - Jacquart Mosaique Rosé

#182 - Jacquart Mosaique Rosé

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The salmon pink of this champagne is tinged with orange highlights and rose petal pink gleams that shimmer prettily in the glass. The first nose opens with subtly fruity notes (wild strawberry, vine peach) and kumquat. Airing reveals a basket of fruits such as grenadine, fig, raspberry, redcurrant, dried apricot and pink grapefruit zest. The wine develops in the mouth with bold, juicy, redand black fruits that charm the palate but also offer a sensation of crisp freshness. This is a well-balanced, elegant, exemplary wine with superb body and texture. The persistent finish, with its tangy undertones, is agreeably fresh and satisfyingly saline.

Origin: France
Varietal: Sparkling
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