Virtual Wine Tasting Experience

Virtual Wine Tasting Experience


…an appropriate title for Wine Lovers to embrace their Love of Wine during this difficult and awkward time in society. 2020 has been difficult for all of us, small businesses as well as individuals and families.

Many people look forward to “Wine Down Wednesday” or “Happy Hour” to socialize and unwind from their busy work week and the stress of home schooling. Nowadays, those fun times are difficult to manage, as many people are rightfully concerned for their health and wish to socially distance.

We understand and want our wine friends to know we now provide fun with wine…Virtually!!! Our virtual wine tastings have been a fun and educational way of learning about wines from around the world while staying connected with others. We host regular virtual tastings, but also have had the opportunity to schedule private groups as well. These events can take place on a week night or weekend in the safety on your own home while you Zoom with others that enjoy a glass of White, Red or Sparkling.

We have offered our virtual tasting program for family reunions, rehearsal dinners for the bride, groom, and wedding party that could not travel, as well as corporate events. Most recently, we hosted a Happy Birthday celebration for a couple in Texas wanting to taste wine with family at their Lake House. It was a grand time!


Our virtual wine tastings are conducted by our professional staff, who select the wines, draft the suggested food pairings, and make copies of Custom Tasting Sheets for each wine selected for the tasting event. The date and time are pre-arranged and a ZOOM Meeting ID is sent to the Party for them to log in for the tasting. The wines are shipped directly to each Household participating in the tasting and our Sommelier and other Wine Professionals Host the Virtual Tasting and go over the details of each wine. An Aromas plate is prepared to view on screen to help each participant to visualize what they should be smelling with each wine. Our Staff guide them through as if we were right there in the room…..What do you smell??? Flowers, Citrus, Minerals, Wood elements and other characteristics of that particular wine.

People laugh, engage and ask questions, write a few notes as they take a few sips of the wine, taking a piece of cheese or fruit to fully enjoy the flavor of the white or red wine. There may be a map included or other interesting facts about the region on their Custom Tasting Sheet, including where the wines originate or some information regarding the aging and storing of that wine.

Our virtual groups have traveled to South Africa for the HUNT for phenomenal wines, to South America to learn about Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. We have also explored Italy and Spain to learn more about unique wines from Old World countries.

Whatever your love of wine is, we invite you to join us on a virtual wine tasting to experience a fun way to connect with your friends, neighbors, and colleagues….and some new wines, of course. We assure you, the journey is worth it!

Until the next Wine Adventure……. Cheers!!!

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