Gourmet Wine Dinner: Personal Chef & Executive Wine Consultant

Gourmet Wine Dinner: Personal Chef & Executive Wine Consultant

What to do for that Special Occasion, Graduation or Celebration with friends and family that combines food and wine? Make an appointment to meet the staff at Time For Wine for a personal consultation and introduction to our Gourmet Dinner Service!


Our Gourmet Chef Dinner Experience features a five-course meal plan paired with wine. You’ll have the opportunity to entertain your guests and have a “fine dining” experience in your home. You and your guests will be treated to a personal certified Chef and Executive Wine Consultant to make the evening unforgettable. This is the ultimate fun way to relax and be pampered!

Time For Wine has worked with numerous highly trained Personal Chefs in the Tampa Bay area. We select the best and bring the service right to your home. Staff will serve butler-style hors d'oeuvres while your Chef prepares the main course. Each course will have a different wine paired to match the flavors and style of each plate.

Some of our favorite past pairings were a chilled Prosecco paired with an Italian-wrapped prosciutto and asparagus or grilled shrimp with a Sauvignon Blanc. An unexpected crowd favorite are roasted figs with gorgonzola cheese and balsamic vinegar served with an Albariño from Spain.

With you and your guests seated, the main course and side dishes are prepared and presented by staff with wine service of an Amarone or Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon that pairs with veal osso bucco or prime rib along with a creamy risotto.

Afterwards, we’ll present you with a dessert worth dreaming about. You’ll finish up your fine dining experience with an aged sherry or an LBV Port to enjoy with a Dolce Vita.


You can entertain up to 12 guests in your home and be comfortable while all the preparations are done ahead of time. We even do all the cleanup before the staff leave for the evening, so you don’t have a single thing to stress about.

Our Gourmet Wine Dinner is a truly enjoyable experience with wines from around the world and a story to tell at each pouring. You will have fun tasting all the wines, but even more fun learning about them as you explore the unique flavors and grape varietals that Time For Wine has to offer.

There is no wait time in the comfort of your home as guests saunter in and begin to be welcomed to a chilled glass of wine and relax to a truly fun dining experience. Contact us today to get your next party started!


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