Passport & Travel Series


It is our belief that the discovery and appreciation of wine is a “life-long” journey and we want to share in this experience with you. Time For Wine teams up with a chef or restaurant and then hand selects wines that pair perfectly with the food provided. This is considered an educational event since wine and food pairings are very difficult for many clients to master!

Teach n’ Taste Wine Series

  • Elements of Wine Tasting (Labels, Regions, Wines)
  • Old World vs. New World
  • What is Your Wine Wardrobe
  • Aromas and Bouquets of Grape Varietals
  • Discovering Champagne and Sparkling Wine
  • Travel Around the Wine Globe
  • The Art of Blind Tasting
  • Food, Cheese, and Dessert Wine Pairings
  • Elements of Terroir on Wines
  • Sweet Night Out Parties – Chocolate and Wine Pairings


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