Giving Back To Our Tampa Bay Community

Chery Ron Oakley - Giving Back

Giving back to the community is what separates good businesses from great businesses. Making a commitment to helping others has always been a foundation of our success at Time for Wine. The unique wine tastings at fundraisers that we offer are simply what we do best!

Why Giving Back Is So Important

The Tampa Bay community is not just where Time for Wine has operated our business for decades. It is also where we live, where our children grew up, and the community that we love. It is our honor and duty to give back in anyway that we can.

There are many wonderful nonprofit organizations and civic groups in our Tampa Bay areas. Time for Wine has given our support to many of these organizations, such as Kiwanis, the Rotary Club of New Tampa, National Federation for the Blind, plus many church groups and chambers. Supporting these groups and organizations are among the best things we do here at Time for Wine.

Time for Wine & Sunrise of Pasco County

Sunrise of Pasco CountyWe have made a commitment to the Sunrise of Pasco County Domestic & Violence Shelter for the past 14 years.

Sunrise is on a mission to change and save lives in Pasco County. This organization is dedicated to providing domestic and sexual violence intervention services, as well as enriching the community with education. We met the former Executive Director Penny Morrill and several board members in 2003, 14 years ago. They asked us how Time for Wine could help them raise funds to provide assistance to many clients in need for services. When this came up, we knew exactly what we could do. One board member volunteered her home, which led to us holding our very first wine tasting fundraiser.

On that night 14 years ago, Time for Wine worked alongside Papa Joe Restaurant and many others in the community. That night, we exceeded our goal with a spectacular turnout to raise funds for continued programs. We were so happy about this that we made it our annual goal to support the Sunrise staff and board with 10% donations on all sales made throughout the year.

National Give Day Tampa Bay 2017

May 2, 2017 was National Give Day Tampa Bay. Sunrise of Pasco County made arrangements for our Annual Wine Tasting at a local County Commissioner’s home in Dade City. A special thank you to Ron Oakley for being our gracious host! The staff and Board members did a remarkable job in selling tickets and we had over 100 guest in attendance! That is one of our best turnouts ever.Sunrise of Pasco County - giving back

We opened a wide variety of wines from our German Michael Shafer, from Orvieto to a Sparkling Brut Rose. The red wines were popped as well. These reds included Malbec, Valpolicella, Tannat and Cabernet Sauvignon, which were poured for all to enjoy. There was a “Silent Auction” to raise funds for the Sunrise Shelter. Many attendees claimed live auction items, as well as delicious foods.

Time for Wine worked alongside celebrity pourers, such as Brian Corley and Dr. Paula O’Neil. These local celebrities greeted attendees and shared some delicious wines.Sunrise of Pasco County - giving back

Giving back and helping others is so important to my wife, Cheryl, and me. The generous support of the many guests will help Sunrise Shelter achieve their goal in making it a safe place for women and children to come and begin a new journey.

We are grateful to be involved and provide our services, gift certificates and a percentage of our sales to this organization. We are proud to see Sunrise continue to help women achieve the safety, confidence and courage to move forward.

Today, the new Executive Director Kelly Sinn along with Vicki Wiggins, Director of Marketing make sure that services are available for counseling, shelter and to prevent domestic violence for the women of Pasco County.

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