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There always comes a time in all our lives for a celebration, and that time is now! But what should you do for that special occasion, graduation, or celebration with friends and family? If you’re friends and family enjoy food and wine, we know our gourmet wine dinner is the perfect way to celebrate! Let us tell you a little bit about the experience…

Gourmet Wine Dinner - Time for Wine

About Our Gourmet Wine Dinner Experience

At Time for Wine, we believe in the simple philosophy of offering unique wine tastings in the comfort of your home. This way, you can truly experience the great flavors and uniqueness of each wine.

At our unique and educational Wine Tastings, the fun begins when the first cork is popped and continues with each and every glass. Your personal Wine Consultant is trained to provide you and your guests the enjoyment of tasting, evaluating and comparing wines from small family-owned vineyards.

Our gourmet wine dinner features a five course meal, each paired with an appropriate, delicious wine. As the host, you can help us personalize the dinner menu, or leave all the planning to us. This is your celebration, after all!

You can entertain up to 12 guests in your home with Time for Wine by your side. You are free to relax, since all preparations are done in advance and clean up is taken care before the staff leaves.

This gourmet wine dinner experience is your opportunity to entertain and have a “fine dining” experience in your home. Your experience is complete with a personal chef and an expert Wine Consultant. Our gourmet wine dinner is the ultimate way for you to relax, celebrate, and be pampered.

What Time for Wine Brings “To The Table”

Time for Wine has worked with a variety of highly trained personal chefs in the Tampa Bay area. These chefs bring their service right to your home with staff to serve butler-style hors d’oeuvres. Meanwhile, your personal chef prepares your mouth-watering main course in the kitchen while you relax.

Each of your courses are paired with a hand-selected wine to match the flavors and style of each plate. Yes, each of your five courses!

First, your gourmet wine dinner will begin with tasty butler-style We offer options like chilled Prosecco with prosciutto-wrapped asparagus. Or perhaps you’d like grilled shrimp with a Sauvignon Blanc. We also might pair a plate of roasted figs with gorgonzola cheese and balsamic vinegar with an Albariño from Spain.

Next, we will make sure your evening will really be taken up a notch. With you and your guests seated, the main course and side dishes are prepared and presented by your chef and staff. A recent main course that we prepared was an Italian veal osso buco with risotto. We paired the delicious meal with an Amarone, a rich Italian red wine you’ll love. An alternative main course could be a hearty prime rib with roasted vegetables, perfectly paired with a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

Finally, a decadent dessert will be presented with an aged sherry or an LBV Port to enjoy with a Dolce Vita. What a grand way to finish up your beautiful gourmet wine dinner.

Of course, we always welcome your input and requests, which allows our creativity to soar! Ultimately, the menu, wine choices, and expert service from our staff will delight you and your guests. You will have the evening your guests will never forget.


A Unique Experience For All To Enjoy…

Gourmet Wine Dinner - guestsTime for Wine’s gourmet wine dinner experience is an enjoyable time with wines from around the world. Each wine tells a story with every pouring, and we want to share those stories with you and your guests. You will have fun tasting all the wines and eating delicious food. But more importantly, you will be surprised at how much fun you have learning and exploring these unique wines that we offer.

From the very start of your gourmet wine dinner, your guests will be amazed. As soon as the first guest arrives at your home, they will be welcomed by a chilled glass of wine and an environment to relax and enjoy.

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