Hearts and Vines: Happy Valentine’s Day

Hearts and Vines: Happy Valentine’s Day

The lights are low, soft music is playing, and romance is in the air. As you and your special someone celebrate Valentine’s Day, love is in the air. Whether you’re remembering the day you met, that first magical date, the night you proposed, your wedding day, or even if you are creating some new memories — what better comrade to the celebration is there than a bottle of fine wine?


Valentine’s Day Wine Options

For centuries, wine has been used as a symbol of celebration and romance. And, just as Cupid enchanted lovers with his magical arrows,  you too can capture your loved one’s heart with wine. You can create an enchanting evening that he or she will never forget.

Depending upon your personal preferences, there are many wonderful kinds of wine to help you make the occasion truly extraordinary. One famous option is the special Venus “heart-shaped” bottle, which can be a lasting symbol of your love (even after the wine is gone). Champagne is a great go-to option, but what if you want to be more adventurous this Valentine’s Day? For more affordable yet tasty alternatives, consider the wide variety of sparkling wines that Time for Wine has available. Imagine surprising your loved one with an Italian Prosecco, Spanish Cava, or a mild Sekt from Germany.

All of these options are delicious and can help set the tone for a romantic Valentine’s Day evening.

For wine traditionalists, I suggest looking for a slightly older vintage this Valentine’s Day. Think along the lines of a 2001-2005 for red wines or 2007-2009 for white wines. Personally, I particularly enjoy the Vouvray white wines from the Loire Valley. Whatever you choose, just be sure to partner your wine with a dish that will compliment its flavor…

Valentine's Day Wine

A wine bottle and two red roses and heart on a rustic wood table. Overhead view in horizontal format. Valentines Day Concept.


Pairing your wine selection with a home cooked dinner or a platter of fresh fruits and assorted cheeses, makes for a night to remember. To make the evening even more special, try enjoying your sparking wine with fresh strawberries and bananas dipped in melted dark chocolate. For an exotic taste sensation, try figs, which make an excellent companion to almost any sparkling wine. One way to enjoy figs is is split open, with a dollop of fresh goat cheese, baked at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. The result is a warm and gooey, sweet and savory treat. Top the baked figs with a splash of balsamic vinegar, and it is simply delicious!

If you went with a red wine, I suggest pairing it with grilled meats, a pork tenderloin or charcoal fired roasted peppers for reds.

For white wines, pair the selection with a seafood dish. I recommend lemon-soaked garlic honey glazed shrimp or pan-seared scallops for this Valentine’s day.

If you’re still not certain about which way to go, give me a call for more helpful hints on making wine a part of your memorable celebration.

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We can even design a custom label for your bottle of wine to truly surprise your loved one! Imagine the look on their face when they see your first picture together or your favorite love quote on your hand-selected bottle of wine.


Your Friend of the Vine,

Charles Wine

Time For Wine Expert Consultant