Join in the Fun with Spanish Wine!

Spanish wine has truly evolved over the past 10 years, much to my delight. We are seeing more of Spain’s unique grape varietals and bold flavors than we have in the past. Wine makers are carefully looking at what we as wine lovers enjoy, and are creating wines that have expressive taste.

I’m excited to share some insight into Spanish wines today, and how you can enjoy them, too! 

What You Should Know About Spanish WineSpanish wine - Garnacha

The white grapes known in Spain are Albariño and Verdej. Both of these grapes are not grown in other parts of the world, as they have their place in Spain’s Rias Baixas and Rueda Regions. Both grapes offer great aromas of herbs, fresh white fruit and citrus flavors. This is because of Spain’s sandy soils and granite where the vines run deep to gather all the nutrients. These grapes pack a mouthful!

Red Spanish wines are equally delicious and becoming more recognized in the wine market. Tempranillo is the most famous Spanish red grape, which wine lovers enjoy with a variety of foods.  Other Spanish red grapes include Bobal, Mazuello, Garnacha and Monastrell

Spain is also known for Sangria, however these reds are so much richer than a standard red wine. Additionally, Sangrias are filled with black cherry cedar aromas, tobacco and purple colors that burst in your wine glass.

Spanish Wine You Will Love

Two of my favorite Spanish wines are the 2014 Kentia Albariño and the 2013 Estrella Tempranillo. Both of these Spanish wines can be paired with grilled chile shrimp with fennel, lime juice, and cilantro over yellow rice. These wines are also delicious with fish tacos and guacamole, with chipotle, olive oil and sautéed onions.

Another favorite Spanish wine for me is the Don Caballero Garnache from the wine region of Catayud. This is a close cousin to a Cabernet with grapes from high altitude soils. These vines have 40 to 60 years of production behind them. This Spanish wine offers a big, bold taste, with a long finish that pairs with a rib eye, lamb chops, or Carne Asada with chimichurri sauce.

If you’re into white Spanish wines, I highly recommend this 2015 Xarello. This organic wine has notes of vanilla and apricot, and is the newest addition to Time for Wine’s inventory. This white wine pairs well with seafood and pork dishes, such as a Frutti de Mar pasta.

Spanish wine - red wineTake the plunge and dive into the Wines of Spain and enjoy! Spanish wine is sure to never disappoint.

Try the 2015 Xarello and the 2013 Garnache today!


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