Rosé Wine ~ Refreshing Fun to Enjoy for Summer!

Rosé Wine ~ Refreshing Fun to Enjoy for Summer!
Rosé Les Voiles Rosé Wine

Rosé Les Voiles

What’s more refreshing for summer than a bottle of chilled Rosé wine and your friends surrounding you?

Rosé Wine – It’s More Than You Think

Rosé is coming back in style with a refreshing and delicious flair! These wines are essential for the hot summer months, as they pair so easily with so much! Rosé wines are enjoyed by many throughout Europe.

Rosés are irresistibly fun and drinkable wines. These wines are versatile enough to go from a light outdoor lunch, to a hearty dinner combo of grilled pork tenderloin with roasted zucchini.

Today, you will find many different styles of Rosé. From light and fruity, to more complex and bigger flavors, Rosé wines have a wider range than ever before. An example of this is with the Ultra-Premium Rosé from France

Many wineries have jumped on the bandwagon to produce their own style from California, Washington and Oregon; however, it is the Rosés from Spain, Italy and France that I am most impressed with to enjoy this summer.

That being said, good Rosés do boast some unique structure. Given the type of grape used and maceration period, along with some exposure to the grape skins, Rosés deliver a slight tannic yield, deeper hue, and a perceptible body. But what makes Rosé wine a summertime staple is that it’s irresistibly and dependably refreshing. They lift you up and lighten your days during those otherwise sweltering summer months. This especially goes for those of us in Florida!

Rosé Wines You Will Love

The French style Rosé aligns with today’s trends for lighter, food friendly, refreshing and lower ABV wines.  The Cotes de Provence Appellation has great Terroir and exceptional dry clay and limestone soil where the vines run deep to find water supply.  This often yields small batches, but the quality of the wine is superb.

The 2015 Vintages have a pale salmon pink color with alluring subtle aromas of watermelon, strawberries and a floral scent of roses.  Consequently, these wines have a nice, crisp finish that lingers. That is why they pair nicely with sautéed scallops or New Orleans BBQ shrimp dishes with crusty French bread. Am I the only one getting hungry?Rosé wine - glass

My personal choice is the 2015 Les Voiles, as it is true to form with color and taste and drinks nicely with a baked brie or a Caesar Salad. 

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