King of Cabernet ~ Wine Tasting at the Tampa Club

King of Cabernet ~ Wine Tasting at the Tampa Club

Time for Wine recently hosted Nils Venge of Saddleback Vineyards at the Tampa Club. Our guests enjoyed this fun and educational wine tasting, while enjoying wonderfully unique wines. Nils Venge - wine tasting

About Nils Venge

Nils is known as the “King of Cabernet” because of his 1985 vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon when he was the winemaker at the famous Groth Vineyards. This winning wine was given a perfect 100 score from Robert Parker, the world renowned wine critic. Consequently, this perfect score dubbed Nils “The King”. This Cabernet was delicious from the moment Mr. Parker opened the bottle and held the consistency in flavor, complexity and body throughout the day to achieve this well-deserved perfect score.

Nils’ philosophy on making wine is that it must reflect the best qualities that the varietal has to offer, whatever that may be. Even at 70+ years of age, he is very active in his wineries and the wine making process. Having Nils at our wine tasting was a treat!

Time for Wine’s Exquisite Wine Tasting

The Tampa Club’s Chef prepared an assortment of food to pair at Time for Wine’s wine tasting. The wine selection we had the opportunity to taste included Venge’s 2012 Chardonnay, 2013 Merlot, 2013 Zinfandel, 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon, and his awesome Rancher Red Blend.  All our guests enjoyed the wines we poured, while asking questions and getting bottles signed by Nils. 

We found that Nils’ interpretation of how wine is made in Napa Valley today is more complex. There have been great advances in technology and creativity of wine makers, therefore there’s a greater potential for wine aging. 

Our wine tasting was by far a most enjoyable evening, since everyone learned something and tasted something delicious. Everyone (including me) had fun listening to a world famous winemaker, as we heard stories about working with his staff at harvest to achieve greatness in wines for everyone to enjoy.  The evening ended with a group photo and a chance to enjoy another great wine selection. This one was from one of Nils’ other vineyards, Cougar’s Leap, which was a blend of Zinfandel and Tempranillo, with some Syrah. Fantastic!

Time for Wine looks forward to hosting other wine tasting events in the future and giving our friends and clients an opportunity to enjoy a fun evening of a teaching and tasting experience. Everyone deserves a chance to have a night like this one.

Try one of my favorite Napa Valley red wines, the Scouts Honor Red Blend, today!


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Charles Visalli

Executive Wine Consultant