To Zin or Not – Zintastic!

To Zin or Not – Zintastic!

The wine industry has been able to identify many grape varietals around the world and most are indigenous to European soils. There is however one grape we can call our own here in the United Sates and it is Red Zinfandel.

The “red Zin” is truly an American Classic and is thought to be one the original California native grapes which has also been found in Croatia and Italy that date back to the Roman Empire.

This is one of my favorite wines to enjoy as it pairs so well with many foods, cheese and dark chocolates. Because of the dark color of the zinfandel grape we have seen this served with beef brisket, Bar B Que, burgers and pizza. You can also serve this with a pasta dish with sun-dried tomatoes, basil and pine nuts along with Italian bread it is delicious!

The famous area in California for the red zinfandel is Mendocino right near the pacific coast where the cool ocean breeze intensifies the fruit and gives great nourishment to the vines. You will also see the zinfandel grown in Sonoma and Paso Robles. It is best to drink a Zinfandel while it is young within the first 2 to 3 years. There are also some vineyards that produce an “old Vine” Zinfandel…..they are incredible. These wines are produced from vines that have aged for more than 35 years and yield some excellent fruit and outstanding wine.

Have fun and look for this unique wine to taste with friends. Call Time for Wine and we can help you find that wine to expand your palate and enjoy a burst of blackberry fruit.